Hello my name is Vicky and i'm a Swedish SHAWOL! I've liked SHINee for about 4 and a half years now,though i wish i was there from the beginning.Living in Sweden and being a shawol is pretty hard becuase Sweden doesn't really know about KPOP yet....well atleast the stores doesn't because SHINee has alot of fans here in sweden but it's sad because no one sells their CD's or anything.But thank god for INTERNET! don't fool yourselfs when you're reading this.You're probably thnking "Ehh...she's pretty normal..." YOU'RE WRONG.I'm so fucked up in so many ways, but,you'll never be bored when you're around me! haha! well when it comes to "Pair shppings,OTP's etc" i ship Jongkey,2min,Minkey,Jongtae,and Onkey! haha call me weird but....yeah you can call me weird....Ok this is a long ass description so imma...just go...yeah....ENJOY MY PAGE FUCKTARDS! (honestly if you become a shawol,being a fucktard comes in the contract) (O.o)

Apr 16



Myungsoo loved coffee, like his brother. He loved the rain, like his brother. But what he hated was those eyes of his… Those eyes full of false happiness… Kindness… Hatred, guilt and sympathy… He hated those eyes with a passion… Whenever they would light up when he talked about things he loved. Whenever they’d look at him with sympathy. Whenever his eyes would sparkle with gentleness when helping him… He hated it. He hated it so much.

- Eyes. by SwiftyStalker

Apr 15

Anonymous asked: Any fanfics of Sungjong with an eating disorder? (Like Infinite Revival by KatingaTrouble on AFF.)


these are the only fics I know of that has Sungjong with an eating disorder besides Infinite Revival:

these fics also have Sungjong in some kind of disorder or sickness:


Notice Me


Sung Jong disguises herself as a man to be a part of a rock band in order to become closer to a man that she idols. Will she be able to keep up her act as a man or will she be exposed?

Notice Me by nekkajitge for galmaegi

Apr 14

Some flawless Sungjong back & butt.

I went to church with my family tonight and the pastor said something that I think every Christian should hear

  • Pastor: Now, according to a few passages in the bible, homosexuality is a sin.
  • Couple of older males in the audience: Amen!
  • Pastor: Now, wait, I'm not finished.
  • Pastor: You know what else the bible defines as a sin? Divorce.
  • -uncomfortable silence-
  • Pastor: There are countless passages that talk about how divorce is wrong, and that there are consequences to getting a divorce, such as the wife should be stoned.
  • Pastor: Yet, I witnessed a divorce just this morning. And I gotta tell you, it was heartbreaking, but I definitely didn't attempt to throw rocks at the wife, even though she was the one who filed for divorce.
  • Pastor: We choose to overlook the consequences of divorce because time has proven that they're inhumane and cruel.
  • Pastor: The bible doesn't say anything about the consequences of a homosexual lifestyle. Yet, we seem to be spearheading a campaign to ruin the lives of people we don't even know.
  • -the pastor shifts a few notes around-
  • Pastor: The bible states to love thy neighbor. That's it. There are no other rules or restrictions to that passage.
  • Pastor: So, we as a church family have to support equality with a smile on our face. THAT is the true Christian way.

Apr 13

Apr 10

every comeback

  • SM: ok lets go through our checklist shall we
  • SM: change the member's hair colour til their scalps scream, check
  • SM: teaser photos, check
  • SM: leak the video and song, check
  • SM: cause fandom to lose their shit, check

Apr 9

Anonymous asked: Hi there! Can you pls recommend any gyu/woo/dong/ho/yeol/myungxjong domestic au fic? A list would be definitely superb! Thank you for your continuous hardwork! ♡


tumblr didn’t notify me about this message >.<

there are really few domestic fics so I’m sorry if this list is short… domestic AU is actually my most fave AU ;A; how come there are so few fics of it?? 2 of them are even just written by me >.<





Toheart Releases New MV “Tell Me Why”


Toheart Releases New MV “Tell Me Why”


Toheart have returned with “Tell Me Why“!

If you guys have missed it, the video was released on the 7th of April!

The duo has released another song following up “Delicious“. This track is 5th song in their mini album and  it’s a mid-tempo ballad. The video features INFINITE Sungyeol‘s younger brother, Lee Daeyeol.

Toheart will begin promoting “Tell Me Why” on music shows next week.

Watch the…

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