Hello my name is Vicky and i'm a Swedish SHAWOL! I've liked SHINee for about 4 and a half years now,though i wish i was there from the beginning.Living in Sweden and being a shawol is pretty hard becuase Sweden doesn't really know about KPOP yet....well atleast the stores doesn't because SHINee has alot of fans here in sweden but it's sad because no one sells their CD's or anything.But thank god for INTERNET! don't fool yourselfs when you're reading this.You're probably thnking "Ehh...she's pretty normal..." YOU'RE WRONG.I'm so fucked up in so many ways, but,you'll never be bored when you're around me! haha! well when it comes to "Pair shppings,OTP's etc" i ship Jongkey,2min,Minkey,Jongtae,and Onkey! haha call me weird but....yeah you can call me weird....Ok this is a long ass description so imma...just go...yeah....ENJOY MY PAGE FUCKTARDS! (honestly if you become a shawol,being a fucktard comes in the contract) (O.o)

Jul 18

Happy B-Day Lee Taemin

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